What is a CROWN?

When a tooth is damaged, chipped, or discolored; a crown (or cap) is placed over the tooth to restore its appearance and functionality.

Crowns should not be confused with veneers.  Veneers are tooth "facings", which are used to improve the patient's overall look and create a new smile.  Usually veneers are done to multiple teeth, both on the upper and lower arches.  

What you should know

Teeth are composed of roots and crowns.  The crown is what you see above the gum line.  Crowns are worn down over the years from use, and may have already been treated with a filling.  

Dr. Bell will restores crowns with a new crown made of the highest quality materials, including zirconia, which has a semi-translucent white finish that mimics natural tooth enamel.  His goal is a long-lasting, durable crown that looks natural.  The choice of material used depends on the location of the crown and the required functionality of the tooth.

Dr. Bell doesn't believe in "same-day" crowns that are fabricated in-house by some dental offices.  These are under-performing crowns that are not expertly engineered in a high quality dental lab.

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