Insurance Claims


Northwestern Dental Clinic is a fee for service practice.  What does this mean?  Here is how we handle payments and insurance:

  • We are not contracted with any insurance plans and thus we are not subject to "set" insurance company rates.
  • We do, however, submit all the necessary paperwork to your insurance company so that you are reimbursed the amount that your coverage pays (for each service performed).
  • Before we perform any services, we will review the cost of those services thoroughly with you and we advise what your insurance will cover.  Therefore, you will know your total out of pocket costs before treatment.
  • Payment is due at the time of service.
  • Insurance companies may take 2-3 weeks (after submission) to send payments covering the portion of the fee that your policy allows for.

We are happy to review our policy in more detail if you have questions about how this works.  Please call the office at any time for any additional clarity that may be required.